To empower children with the gift of education & share their stories with the world.

We are devoted to the idea that giving a child access to education is the most powerful way to enable them to take control of their own lives. In the same way that a job can completely change the life of an adult by empowering them to rise above poverty and provide for themselves & their families, we strongly believe that education as the key to empowering children to do the same.

Education not only provides children with hope for the present, but also for the future by allowing them to gain new skills and knowledge to open up a lifetime of confidence and opportunities.

By partnering closely with small grassroots charitable organizations who know what’s best for their local communities, we work together to provide whatever is necessary for each school’s specific needs, whether it be a new building, uniforms, tuition, school lunches & snacks, or supplies.

Our relationships with charities and schools extend far beyond monetary contributions by focusing not only on empowering children, but amplifying their voices, as well as their teachers’, and giving them a platform to share their own stories with the world. Learn more about this here.


Everyone Carries Something

Our philosophy at FLY CANVAS is that no matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has something to teach and something to learn. Whether it’s a passion, an idea, a simple story, or even an actual object, everyone carries something, and whatever that something is has infinite value. 

Along with our mission of empowerment through education, we hope to create a vehicle to do more than just give, but to build relationships and communicate regardless of the barriers set by the circumstances in which one might live. Because before we can help, we must first know. 

In the end, there isn’t only one group in need of something to gain from the other. We can all benefit from sharing our stories or simply listening, from learning what it is others carry.