Friends: Nico Grishkoff

We get by with a little help from our friends. Here’s one of them. His name is Nico and these are his sounds. He makes them for your ears. 

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The Charitable Deduction: Loophole or Lifeline?

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Good Times: Canvas Shop x Seea Swim Soiree

Good times come themselves in many forms. The latest ones we stumbled into came courtesy of our fine friends at the Canvas Shop – who, on a chilly Saturday night in Seal Beach, celebrated of their one year anniversary. Woot!

Led by the Callis family, the seaside boutique partnered up with Seea, an in-bloom, fashion-meets-function, retro-modern collection of stylish swim/surfwear for women. Their swanky soiree, “A Night of Rad”, was just that – rad.

Those who moseyed out, were treated to a mellow night of art, fashion, film and stuff. Here’s a snippet of the film that was screened in the shop’s backyard that night- complete with live narration for extra style points. Can you say #sewclassic?

Oh, and here’s a few snaps we wrangled for the FLY CANVAS Instagram. Enjoy!

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EVENT: IPSF 2012 Spirit of Excellence Gala

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: receiving an education is one of the most important things in the world. Regardless of circumstance, the process of structured learning is altogether empowering and a crucial catalyst for building a better life. Unfortunately, not everyone gets dealt a fair hand when it comes to spending time in a classroom. Whether its personal financial struggles or governmental budget cuts, hardship in the world of education can be crippling. Here in California, the “smaller budget, bigger class-size” situation is becoming a little too common. One such organization that helps to combat that is the Irvine Public Schools Foundation.

Since 1996, the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) has donated over 20 million dollars to support the needs of children in classrooms. Currently, their grassroots efforts directly service 33 schools and a total of 28,000 students. In fact, IPSF is the only organization in Irvine “entrusted and charged with the mission of raising funds on behalf of every school and student in Irvine” at every level. Amazing stuff!

So, when they asked us to once again get involved in their annual Spirit of Excellence Gala, we just couldn’t pass it up. After all, they’re working to aid the very schools we attended in our younger days – not that we’re all that old.

Last year, we had the pleasure of donating a select crop of our handcrafted goods for their  ever-popular silent auction. The bid wars from attendees help to provide crucial financial support for their work. With items like signed guitars from Orange County music mavens No Doubt and Young the Giant as well as signature paintings from Laguna legend Wyland, the FLY CANVAS crew felt honored to be amounts the local contributors.

We know most of you lovelies couldn’t be there in person, so here’s handful of snapshots from the festivities –  some from our trusty cellular devices; others from the shutterbugs at the OC Register. Enjoy!

From hip-hopified violinist kicking off the event to the inter-speech entertainment insdie the ballroom from the Spirit of Excellent Gala was nothing short of a marvelous time. Most importantly, in just one evening, IPSF was able to fundraise $340,000 from attendees in support for Irvine schools.

The vibe? Get a taste of how the Gala got down with this classic skit they showed to kick off the event. Who says giving back can’t be fun?

Special thanks to Neda Zaengle, Cheryl Van Camp and The Larsen Family for taking such amazing care of us! We’re so stoked to support every IPSF effort we can.

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Sew Official: World Teacher’s Day

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Today is an official day to thank, honor and celebrate all those who’ve dedicated to their lives to empowering others with the gift of education – both in and out of the classroom. While school may not be everyone’s favorite subject in life, there’s absolutely no doubt that spending time in healthy learning environments kickstarts amazingly positive domino effects.

So, here’s to all the men and women out there who’ve helped – especially those who make learning enjoyable, those who always make lessons worth learning, and most importantly, those who have inspired and instilled value.

Over the course of our relatively young lives, our team at FLY CANVAS has learned from (and even shared) some pretty amazing instructors. We’d like to take this quick moment to thank them. From the elementary level on up, it’s a pretty rad thing walk into a classroom knowing the person dispersing knowledge outward cares. That said, if you find yourself near a teacher or know a way to reach one (c’mon, you’ve gotta at least be Facebook friends by now), we invite you to make their day and send some good vibes their way.

This photo, so you know, is the headmaster at the St. David’s School in Zimbabwe, our giving partners through Vana Trust. They’re responsible for making sure underprivileged youngsters get a brighter and more brilliant future.

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