You should make some tea. Like, right now.

Earl grey perhap? Yes. With a dash of honey and maybe a spritz of lemon (if you’re into that sort of thing). Why? Because you’ll want to sip on something delicious as you watch what we’re about to introduce. Plus, tea good for your metabolism. No, seriously. Steep a little something spiced and find a nice, comfortable place to rest your bones. Ready? Good. We’ve got short film we’d like to show you.

It’s called LIFT, and it’s about a man who carries his camera into the elevator of a London tower block everyday to document his interactions with the inhabitants as they gradually grow familiar to him. What unfolds is something altogether awesome. Enjoy!

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Hero Material: Kid President

The following is a message of Kid President, our new favorite person – ever.

Step #1: Be More Awesome

Step #2: Don’t Stop Believing

Step #3: Give the World a Reason to Dance

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Sew Chill

Friends: Nico Grishkoff

We get by with a little help from our friends. Here’s one of them. His name is Nico and these are his sounds. He makes them for your ears. 

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The Charitable Deduction: Loophole or Lifeline?

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