Sew Official: World Teacher’s Day

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Today is an official day to thank, honor and celebrate all those who’ve dedicated to their lives to empowering others with the gift of education – both in and out of the classroom. While school may not be everyone’s favorite subject in life, there’s absolutely no doubt that spending time in healthy learning environments kickstarts amazingly positive domino effects.

So, here’s to all the men and women out there who’ve helped – especially those who make learning enjoyable, those who always make lessons worth learning, and most importantly, those who have inspired and instilled value.

Over the course of our relatively young lives, our team at FLY CANVAS has learned from (and even shared) some pretty amazing instructors. We’d like to take this quick moment to thank them. From the elementary level on up, it’s a pretty rad thing walk into a classroom knowing the person dispersing knowledge outward cares. That said, if you find yourself near a teacher or know a way to reach one (c’mon, you’ve gotta at least be Facebook friends by now), we invite you to make their day and send some good vibes their way.

This photo, so you know, is the headmaster at the St. David’s School in Zimbabwe, our giving partners through Vana Trust. They’re responsible for making sure underprivileged youngsters get a brighter and more brilliant future.

To learn more about their incredible work, click here. To learn more about the FLY CANVAS philosophy on education – and find ways to get involved, click here. For the digital high-five you deserve for reading this post, click here. Cheers!