The Things I Carry: Jeff Beck

FLY CANVAS presents the first episode of a new series titled, ‘THE THINGS I CARRY’, featuring Jeff Beck of Nine Lights Surfboards. As you’ll soon discover, Jeff sees the world differently than most. His craft and creativity both challenge norms and exude a goodness so unique and inspiring we simply had to share.

You may be thinking… Okay, so why Jeff? Why surfboards? Don’t you guys make bags?

All valid questions- and yes, we do. But aside from our common connection to the life aquatic, Jeff shares a deep passion for story telling. Most importantly, he is infinitely tuned into the art of learning. This simple fact becomes evident in watching him whittle away crude blocks of foam and wood transforming them into beautiful, functional masterpieces.

In this signature short, we sat down with the wood wizard to figure out what he carries. Listen and learn as he shares his insights on the importance of staying creative, true and passionate no matter what the path may be.

Special thanks to Jeff, for granting us access to his wooded world and for allowing us to be flies on the shaping bay wall. And yes folks, the boards ride as good as they look.

To learn more about Jeff and the things he carries, visit his digital abode here. Thanks for watching.

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