Attack of the Killer VLOG

KaPow! Grab your oven mits, because is bringin’ the heat. Earlier this week, Joe himself whipped up a post all hot ‘n spicy like about us on his blog. But the love didn’t stop there… Earlier today, we discovered Joe had extended the love for FLY CANVAS by vlogging the living daylights out of a car ride.

During what appears to be a pleasant, midday commute through the concrete jungle, Mr. Miragliotta clicked cruise-control and took things next-level by shooting an unabridged videoblog describing our brand’s meat ‘n potatoes as he sees them. #OccupyMultitasking anyone? He may be only be going 25, but his thoughts and kind words are definitely clockin’ 80 in a 65. Thank you, Joe!

Safe to say you can expect more FC / JD goodness in the near future. So get stoked. Until then, please show your support by visiting his site at and

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